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Luxury bathroom faucets

Guided by our Design Principles, Dornbracht products deliver on our promise of luxury, high-end bathroom fittings that are functional yet stylish in nature. The modernistic fixtures embody clean lines, precise contours and defined angles that are perfectly crafted and finished with universal appeal. Even our most celebrated designs are as relevant and contemporary today as the day they were launched. 

High-end bathroom fixtures

Touchless fittings

Dornbracht Touchfree is characterized by a water control system that works without a visible sensor on the fitting, and can be used in combination with all Dornbracht series. The intuitive system offers ease of use and maximum design freedom. The Dornbracht Touchfree is ideal for guest bathrooms and use in semi-public areas.

Dornbracht Touchfree chrome Bathroom
Dornbracht Touchfree chrome Bathroom
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Dornbracht Vaia Dark Brass matte Bathroom Inspiration


The perfect bathroom is one that aligns with the needs of its user - whether that's personal design preferences or functional requirements. Discover the breadth and variety within our design collections to achieve the bathroom that's perfectly you.

x-tra Service

It all starts with your idea. Our x-tra Service team can bring the vision you have for your bathroom to life. From custom made-to-order designs, to logos and enhancements, we work closely with you to achieve the highest level of personalization of our products.

Dornbracht x-tra Service custom made

What motivates us?

Our belief that your personal wellness and sustainability starts in the bathroom. Our products are designed to enhance the routine bathroom experience that will ultimately enrich your day-to-day life.

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Water therapy for your well-being.

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Washbasin faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Single-lever mixers 33500661
Single-lever mixers

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Two handle mixers 22513892
Two handle mixers

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Touchfree 13716882

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Deck-mounted faucets 20713661
Deck-mounted faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Wall-mounted faucets 36812660
Wall-mounted faucets

Tub faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Deck-mounted tub faucets 27412670
Deck-mounted tub faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Wall-mounted tub faucets 33233660
Wall-mounted tub faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Freestanding tub faucets 25863661
Freestanding tub faucets

Shower faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Thermostats 36425670

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Shower Single-lever mixers 36120660
Single-lever mixers

Dornbracht Bathroom Faucets Shower Two-handle mixers 26100892
Two-handle mixers

Bidet Faucets

Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish

Polished Chrome

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Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish

Platinum matte

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Dornbracht Bathroom Brass Finish


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Dornbracht Bathroom Dark Platinum Matte Finish

Dark Platinum matte

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Dornbracht Bathroom Black Matte Finish

Matte Black

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Dornbracht Bathroom Brass Brushed Finish

Brushed Durabrass

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Dornbracht Bathroom White Matte Finish

Matte White

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