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Sharpen your senses.

Sensuousness and character in a brand new design.

With a mix and match of textures, colors and materials, CL.1 embodies progressive bathroom fitting design with extravagant accents and new opportunities for giving your bathroom personality. CL.1 adapts perfectly to your personal design wishes with different handle variants and finishes.

Smooth surfaces paired with rough textures: coarse-looking poured concrete, a tinted pane of glass as a partition wall to the shower and floor tiles with a three-dimensional appearance which echoes the structure of the new finish on the handles.

Strong contrasts: A back wall made of poured concrete is set off against organic materials such as wood and water in the recessed tub. Natural incoming light creates an open air feeling.

Powdery pastel colors, hard edges:  A concrete washstand, a lamellar-style back wall with a relief structure and a circular, artistically colored mirror extend a spatial invitation to enjoy the bathroom with all the senses.

Lightness of form, power of expression: CL.1 blends perfectly into a variety of style worlds and application areas.

 CL.1 gives modern bathroom design a progressive character. Here: Tub five-hole regulator with spray face with 55 individual jets.

High-quality materials, geometric shapes: a yellow-tinted mirror, a carpet at the entrance to the tub and natural sunlight. The lamellar, sandstone wall indirectly echoes the new three-dimensional structured finish on the handles.

Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Bathroom Inspiration

CL.1 offers a variety of product solutions for the washstand application area – from the one-hand regulator as a standing or wall-mounted variant all the way to a three-hole regulator.

Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Bathroom Inspiration 5

Gentle play of water on the hands: a spray face with 40 soft, individual jets was developed specifically for CL.1. It offers especially efficient water consumption.

Discover the fascinating product world of CL.1: progressive bathroom fitting designs for washstands, showers and tubs.

Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom 13715705 1 20004705 1 20004706

Three-hole lavatory mixer without drain

Art. No. 13715705 + 20004705 + 20004706

Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom 364167801 36310705

xTOOL thermostat with two volume controls

Art. No. 36503780 + 2x 36607705

Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom 27702980 1 20000706-1 13612705 1 20000705 1 29126705

Five hole tub set for deck-mounted tub installation with diverter

Art. No. 27702980 + 20000706 + 13612705 + 20000705 + 29126705

Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom 27808980

Hand shower set with individual flanges

Art. No. 27808980

Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom 28775980

Rain shower wall-mounted

Art. No. 28775980

Architecture as inspiration

The variety of finish and handle variants in the CL.1 line was inspired by the progressive exteriors of style-setting architectural works. The architecture is influenced by a consistently collage-like style. Shapes, materials, textures, colors and light harmonize with one another, collide with one another and blend into each other. This line reflects both the growing desire for distinctive materials and the increasing wish for individuality and sustainability.

Dornbracht CL1 Architecture Inspiration
Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Bathroom Inspiration 1

CL.1 takes on fascinating expressiveness in combination with handles made of genuine Swarovski crystal. These transform light into a design element and can be individually combined with a variety of structures and finishes.

Dornbracht CL1 Presentation

Expressive transparency: A luxurious highlight is set by CL.1 in polished chrome with the handles in delicately structured chartreuse Swarovski crystal, designed with an almost textile-like look.

Creative variety: CL.1 offers a large number of options for individual design of your bathroom with finishes in special looks and feels.

Dornbracht Chrome Finishes

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Platinum Matte Finishes

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Dark Platinum Matte Finishes

Dark Platinum matte

CL.1 is already defining tomorrow’s style today.

A consistent design mix of hard and soft contours, elegantly stretching to new heights. The conical, upward reaching spout and the precise gap between the base and the body are unique hallmarks of CL.1. Aligned to the user, the dynamic orientation and clear design languages of the series give it an individual character and sculptural quality.

aspiring. dynamic. pioneering.

Water jet

40 soft, individual jets softly envelope the hands with water. A new spray face with efficient water consumption was developed especially for Dornbracht CL.1.


The series masterfully combines industrial character with luxury in progressive bath fitting design to make an extravagant statement in the bathroom. The elegant polished chrome finish highlights the haptic and optic strengths of the fitting.


With its assortment of handle variants – smooth or structured, made of clear or colored crystal glass – CL.1 sets individual accents the bathroom.

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Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Crystal Handle Bathroom
Dornbracht CL1 Background

Progressive elegance:

Dornbracht CL.1

Dornbracht CL1 Catalogue Inspiration

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Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Dark Platinum Matte Finish

Dark Platinum matte

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