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Purify your life.

Clarity, reduction, balance.

Organic water flow and a design reduced to the essentials are defining characteristics of MEM. Reminiscent of a spring--one of the oldest and purest sources of water--the intentionally conservative design of MEM complements the ambiance of various bathroom architectures with ease.

In combination with light, natural materials and living plants, MEM transforms the bathroom into a sanctuary of beauty, serenity and purification.

Similar to the design of MEM, the interior architecture has been reduced to the essentials, conveying a true sense of luxury through an open and minimalist concept.

MEM represents the bathroom where personal rituals and needs take center stage.

The line offers a wide range of product solutions for washstands: from a three-hole regulator to a one-handed regulator as a standing or wall-mounted variant.

Water flows from the flat, wide spout of MEM just as it would from a natural source. The fitting recedes behind the element, shifting the focus entirely to the user's interaction with water.

Freedom of design for the shower: Choose from a large selection of outlet points, such as the rain shower or the stream outlet.

For the tub, MEM offers numerous options such as a slim, free-standing tub outlet crafted in one piece.

Experience the luxury of water with a wider and more powerful cascade. The sculptured shape of the free-standing bath mixer mirrors the water's widened cascade.

MEM dornbracht luxury design faucet bathroom inspiration
Dornbracht Mem luxury bathroom inspiration
MEM – an icon of uncomplicated aesthetics

Its assertive presence exudes purity and creates balance in any room. Offering flexibility, MEM fits into a number of design layouts.

Discover the fascinating world of MEM: minimalistic bathroom designs for washstands, showers and tubs. 

Dornbracht Mem bathroom 20713782
Three-hole basin mixer with pop-up waste - polished

Art. No. 20713782     

Dornbracht Mem bathroom 13672780
Bath spout without diverter for free-standing assembly - polished

Art. No. 13672780        

Dornbracht Mem bathroom 27808980
Hand shower set with individual rosettes - polished

Art. No. 27808980           

Dornbracht Mem bathroom 28775980
Rain shower with ceiling fixing - polished

Art. No. 28775980           

Dornbracht Mem bathroom 36503780
xTOOL Thermostat module with 2 valves

Art. No. 36503780 + 2x 36607782            

Dornbracht Mem bathroom 36712782
Wall-mounted basin mixer without pop-up waste - polished

Art. No. 36712782               

More creativity

The selection of various finishes for MEM permits a wide variety of design options, such as here with galvanic platinum.

Dornbracht Mem bathroom

A question of style

MEM skillfully creates accents with different structures and finishes that can be individually combined with one another.

Extravagant statement: Expressive structures and pastel color tones create an especially striking contrast to MEM’s reduction.

Brighter and more expressive color tones and textures with natural stones also underscore the simple, yet impressive presence of MEM.

Variety in finishes
Dornbracht chrome Inspiration

Dornbracht Platinum matte Inspiration
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Dark Platinum matte Inspiration
Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Brushed durabrass Inspiration
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Bathroom Inspiration Platinum

MEM is synonymous with reduction to the essentials.

With its flat, wide spout, the fitting is the embodiment of intential, reserved aesthetics. MEM serves as the interface between the design and the user – leaving room for personal cleansing rituals in everyday use in the bathroom.

confident. elemental. pure.
Water jet

An integrated aerator ensures a gentle, airy stream from all the washstand fittings in the series. The technology necessary to accomplish this is completely hidden from view. Only the outlet from which the water flows is visible.


MEM does not need much to create a striking presence in a room. It always makes a strong statement that refines any bathroom. Its uninterrupted lines epitomize continual flow.


In addition to the puristic, reduced design and its unique water presentation, MEM also offers options for more design freedom in the bathroom. The concept of “sampling” refers to the customization of bathroom architecture adapted to the needs of the user.

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Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish
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