Dornbracht Vaia Dark Platinum matt Bathroom Inspiration


Create a new balance.

VAIA spans a bridge between traditional and modern style elements.

Its basic design exudes the spirit of a classical fitting, yet the slender lines of the open silhouette anchor the series firmly in the present. VAIA is entirely in the here and now. Completely in balance.

Marble, durabrass and platinum matte against a wall of raw concrete. The choice of materials demonstrates how the old can be given a progressive twist in combination with the new.

The bathroom becomes a playing field between tradition and modernity, with VAIA creating balance at the heart of it.

The various materials radiate a contemplative, almost mystical warmth, depending on how the light falls.

Marble and concrete, durabrass and wood, immersed in natural light. Mediators of space, texture and bathing culture in the 21st century.

The raw structure of the concrete brings out the natural grain of the wood and the finely polished platinum matte of the tub fitting.

VAIA blends into many different style worlds. It is ideal for experimenting with a variety of surrounding materials, textures, shapes and colors.

An exciting contrast of textures: Brick meets marble, curved arches encounter jagged monoliths, nature and architecture in harmony. 

Sophisticated and mysterious: VAIA in DARK PLATINUM MATTE with dark undermount basin, tone in tone with the washstand.

On the tub, on the sink, in the shower: VAIA blends seamlessly into the architecture.

There are no limits to your creativity: VAIA finds the balance in any context.

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Vaia Dark Platinum matt Bathroom Inspiration Luxury
Iconography of the modern age

VAIA is notable for its elegant yet simultaneously progressive design. With its well-balanced iconography, it is always open to new concepts. Design: Sieger Design.

Dornbracht Vaia Dark Platinum matt Bathroom Inspiration

The classic handles – available as cross handles or levers – are a blend of geometric and soft contours. Conical rosettes create a softly flowing transition to the washstand.

Variety for all application areas: VAIA is positioned in the advanced premium segment and encompasses fittings and accessories for the application areas washstand, shower, tub and bidet. 
Dornbracht VAIA Bathroom 27522809
Five hole tub set for deck-mounted tub installation with diverter

Art. No. 27522809

Dornbracht VAIA Bathroom 27808809
Hand shower set with individual flanges

Art. No. 27808809

Dornbracht VAIA Bathroom 28659970
Rain shower wall-mounted

Art. No. 28659970

Dornbracht VAIA Bathroom 36503979 1 36607809
Thermostat with two volume controls

Art. No. 36503979 + 36607819

Dornbracht VAIA Bathroom 36712809
Wall-mounted three-hole lavatory mixer without drain

Art. No. 36712809

Transitional Style

VAIA unites traditional elegance with modern-day clarity in our Transitional Style. The innovative nature of this connection is illustrated by Dornbracht’s collaborations with world-renowned designers and architects.

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Neri Hu Inspiration
Dornbracht Vaia Rafel de Cardenas Inspiration
Transitional Style is notable for its experimental use of materials, textures, forms and colors.

Neri & Hu understand the idea of Transitional Style in terms of architecture: the bathroom as a room in which to linger a while, a room for regeneration, a source of energy and a place of transition.

“The courtyard house is a house that is focused inward: There are no outside walls or windows, all light comes in from the opening at the top.”

The washstand as a central, communicative meeting place. This gives rise to some important resonances for bathroom architecture.

Water is for more than just physical cleansing to Neri & Hu, it represents emotional healing as well.

The courtyard house is a location for treasuring water as an essential element of life.

Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the founders of an interdisciplinary architectural office with headquarters in Shanghai, China and a branch office in London.

Rafael de Cárdenas’ interpretation of Transitional Style is distinguished, in particular, through the unusual shape of the room. Chapel-like niches with an almost sacred momentum are created from the gentle, curved S-shape of the floor plan.

The arches connecting the different zones strongly express this theme.

The transparent dome which admits natural light, literally keeps the architecture open to the recurring rhythm of day and night.

Traditional elegance and new concepts are blended in extravagant design.

“We favor the strategic over the thematic, the cosmopolitan over the typological and the atmospheric over the static.”

Rafael De Cárdenas/Architecture At Large realizes wide-ranging projects in architecture, residential and commercial interiors, temporary spaces and integrated objects.

The use of various finishes enables VAIA to blend into many different contemporary interiors: in both traditional and modern-minimalistic bathroom architectures as well as those combining elements of different styles. 
Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration chrom
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Finish Platinum matt
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration dark platinum matt
Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Brushed Durabrass
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Platinum

graceful. delicate. balanced.

Characteristic features of VAIA include its soft radii, refined silhouette and flowing transitions. Its filigree spout draws on a classic form for elegant bathroom fittings and translates into a new, open design. 


Whether with cross or lever handles, VAIA brings together geometric and organic contours in a graceful whole. 


VAIA creates moments of harmony in a well-balanced play of contrasts.

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Dornbracht Vaia Dark Platinum matt Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration
Tradition meets modernity: Dornbracht VAIA

Expertise in luxury bathrooms

Dornbracht Bathroom

Dornbracht Catalogue Vaia Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Bathroom Catalogue Inspiration
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Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Dark Platinum Matte Finish
Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Brass Brushed Finish
Brushed Durabrass

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