Dornbracht LOT Dark Platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration
The kitchen as a living space.

Individual highlights.

Luxury kitchen design that makes a statement

The kitchen is where some of our most basic needs are met. Design an exclusive master kitchen suited to your lifestyle with our broad range of designer fittings and kitchen sinks that can be customized with different control elements, functions and finishes. 

Modern kitchen ideas with high-end design

Luxury kitchens from Dornbracht are characterized by their high-quality materials and the variety of finishes available. The high-gloss finish of the chrome fitting provides balance against the warm wooden wall. Fitting: ELIO.

When paired with a white marble countertop and copper cabinets, the SYNC fitting in Dark Platinum matte makes a statement with its modern and elegant aesthetic.

The TARA CLASSIC fitting perfectly complements the dark wood walls and lighter toned marble countertop in this elegant and understated kitchen. 

Minimalism and function are the key elements in this tasteful kitchen designed with gold tone cabinets and the sculptural LOT fitting. 

The TARA ULTRA fitting in chrome perfectly accents this modern kitchen featuring a mix of materials and textures with the high-gloss countertop and an urban concrete backsplash. 

This striking kitchen is characterized by a mix of materials and patterns that include warm wood tones, cool metal, and a terrazzo countertop that's both versatile and sustainable. The Meta.02 fitting in chrome completes the look.

Boasting an extravagant combination of green marble, wooden blinds and the Meta.02 fitting in chrome, this kitchen exudes luxury and sophistication.

Modern yet open and inviting, the Sync fitting in Platinum matte perfectly complements this functional kitchen. 

Variety in modern kitchen design

Dornbracht products embody a signature aesthetic that ensures timeless appeal. This consistency allows seamless integration into a variety of design styles.

Design + function

Support various kitchen functions with efficiency and ease. Select and customize kitchen sinks and fittings with a range of functions and control systems suited for your needs. 

Dornbracht Elio chrome Kitchen Inspiration
Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen chrome Kitchen Inspiration

Easy access drinking water

Drinking water: The Water Dispenser and Bar Tap offer easy and practical funtionality for drinking water at home. These compact units dispense hot or cold filtered water in an instant. 

Dornbracht Tara Ultra Water Dispenser chrome Kitchen Inspiration

Water Dispenser

One control lever, two functions: The WATER DISPENSER delivers hot (93°C) or cold filtered water instantly. Prepare hot drinks such as coffee or tea quickly and easily. A WATER DISPENSER can also be a useful addition to the kitchen for blanching vegetables and making pasta. 

Dornbracht LOT BarTap platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration

Bar Tap

The ideal source for drinking water at home, the BAR TAP solution is the most convenient way to get a refreshing glass of filtered water.

Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration
Start designing your luxury kitchen with the latest from Dornbracht.

Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration

Custom finishes

Dornbracht offers a broad range of products and custom design options to equip luxury kitchens according to your design preferences. Unique quality finishes characterize our designer fittings and kitchen sinks are crafted with the greatest possible precision and care.

Dornbracht LOT Dark Platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration

Dornbracht Finishes Inspiration

Finish offerings

Dornbracht chrome Inspiration

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Platinum matte Inspiration

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Dark Platinum matte Inspiration

Dark Platinum matte

What motivates us?

Our desire to deliver products and solutions that ultimately enrich your daily experience. Our products are forward thinking in design and function, ensuring relevance, timeless appeal and ease of use.

Dornbracht Sync Platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration

Design with personality

Dornbracht Glazed steel sink black matte Kitchen Inspiration

A lifetime of quality

Dornbracht Sync chrome Kitchen Inspiration 2

Design and function

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