Dornbracht Lot Dark Platinum Matte Kitchen inspiration


Clarity in form and function.

The LOT faucet is sculptural in design, adding clean, minimal lines to the kitchen that conveys elegance.

Highly efficient in nature, the eye-catching LOT makes a statement with its ultra minimalist design.

Dornbracht lot platinum matte kitchen inspiration
Dornbracht Lot Platinum Matte Kitchen inspiration

Perfect for modern, sophisticated kitchens, the LOT faucet highlights function and aesthetics at the same time, two characteristics that are not mutually exclusive with this fitting.

Dornbracht Lot Bar Tap chrome kitchen inspiration

In the LOT series, the BAR TAP solution is the easiest way to get a refreshing glass of filtered water. Ideal for the home, it's the perfect source for drinking water.

Dornbracht Lot Water Dispenser Chrome kitchen inspiration

Dornbracht Drinking

The WATER DISPENSER combines useful and practical functions with ease of use, designed in the collection's signature minimalist aesthetic. Providing hot or cold filtered water in an instant, make a statement with the LOT's sculptural, strikingly angular design. 

Discover the LOT kitchen product range: Modern kitchen fittings with custom finishes.  

Dornbracht Lot 32800680

Two-hole mixer with individual flanges

Art. No. 32800680

Dornbracht Lot Kitchen 32800680-00_1_27722970-00

Set Two-hole mixer with individual flanges with side spray set

Art. No. 32800680 + 27722970

Dornbracht Lot Kitchen 32843680

Two-hole mixer with cover plate

Art. No. 32843680

Dornbracht Kitchen Lot 36820680

Single lever mixer with cover plate

Art. No. 36860680

dornbracht Lot dark platinum matte kitchen inspiration

Aesthetics meet superior functionality 

The kitchen workstation can be further optimized by adding the rinse and professional spray fittings in a variety of combinations.

Custom design options

Accentuate the sculptural aesthetic of the wall-mounted faucet with the Platinum matte finish. 

dornbracht Lot platinum matte kitchen inspiration
Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration

Start designing your luxury kitchen with the latest from Dornbracht.

Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration

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Discover more designer kitchen fittings by Dornbracht

Discover more designer kitchen fittings by Dornbracht

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Side and Profi hand sprays

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Water Dispenser

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