Dornbracht Meta 02 Chrome Kitchen Inspiration


Aesthetics and precision.

Precision and maximum functionality lie at the core of minimalist design.

This principle serves as the design foundation for META 02 where anything superfluous in nature has been removed, leaving the faucet in its sleekest, most minimal form. 

Dornbracht Meta02 chrome Kitchen Inspiration
Dornbracht Meta02 Chrome Kitchen Inspiration

The META 02 is available in multiple versions. In addition to the classic single-lever mixer, the fitting is also available as a wall-mount. Due to its unique design, the META 02 wall version is free to be positioned anywhere above the water point.

Dornbracht Meta02 Chrome kitchen inspiration

META 02 stands for longevity and high flexibility. The mixer, spout and rinser can be arranged exactly as needed to support the various tasks in the kitchen. 

Discover the META 02 kitchen product range: Ultra modern kitchen fittings with custom finishes.  

Dornbracht Meta02 Kitchen 33810625-00PA
Single-lever mixer

Art. No. 33810625

dornbracht meta02 kitchen
Set Single-lever mixer with side spray set

Art. No. 33820625 + 27721970

dornbracht meta02 kitchen
Set Single-lever mixer with Profi spray set

Art. No. 33820625 + 27789970

dornbracht meta02 kitchen
Two-hole mixer with individual flanges

Art. No. 32815625

dornbracht meta02 kitchen
Set Two-hole mixer with individual flanges with side spray set 

Art. No: 32815625 + 27721970

Dornbracht meta02 Kitchen
Set Two-hole mixer with individual flanges with Profi spray set

Art. No. 32815625 + 27789970

Quench your thirst

The META 02 Water Dispenser is designed with the signature characteristics of the META 02 collection that features a slim lever, cylindrical shapes and a reduced silhouette.

Dornbracht meta02 Water Dispenser chrome Kitchen Inspiration
Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration
Start designing your luxury kitchen with the latest from Dornbracht.

Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration
Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets black matte inspiration

Matte black

Concrete and stainless steel are fundamental elements of radically modern kitchen design. A combination of these materials with META fittings in matte black gives the kitchen an exceptionally stylish, modern look.

Variety in finishes
Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration chrom
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Finish Platinum matt
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Brushed Durabrass
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Platinum

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Three-hole mounting

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