Spare parts


Where can I find technical information on Dornbracht spare parts?

On our spare parts page you will find details of our products. Please refer to the respective exploded drawing. If you cannot find the information you require, please contact us using our contact form and we will directly and quickly help you.


What does the spare part cost?

Once you have identified the required spare part on, please send us an inquiry. We will be pleased to offer you the corresponding spare part. 


I need assistance with the assembly of my spare part. Who can I contact?

For installation, you can contact your installer, who can also obtain the spare part for you. If you would like to use Dornbracht's service, please contact us directly using our contact form. We will directly and quickly help you.


I need a spare part. Where are spare parts available?

To obtain your spare part, please contact your installer or wholesaler. 

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