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Improve your overall health and wellness with daily water treatments.

Water Therapy

Just like Kneipp treatments, hydrotherapy treatments harness the healing power of water to ensure balance, well-being and life-force energy

The element of water always plays an important role in holistic health philosophies, whether Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Kneipp therapy. Awareness of the effect of water is also the starting point for product development at Dornbracht. What drives us is the vision that every bathroom has the potential to be a LifeSpa. A space for staying on top of personal hygiene, but more importantly, our health. With appropriate wellness solutions for the home, water applications can easily be integrated into everyday life. Water therapy treatments as part of a health-conscious lifestyle make a significant contribution to overall health.

Benefits of water therapy treatments

Dornbracht has long researched the effects of hydrotherapy on body, mind and soul. In collaboration with well-known experts from Kneipp therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and research into well-being, this knowledge has been transformed into innovative water applications and solutions that support a health-conscious life. Dornbracht responds to individual human needs and actively contributes to your own personal health and wellness strategy. We’ve developed water therapy treatments to successfully reduce pain, improve mental health, treat specific conditions, and increase overall health and wellness. All our Kneipp treatments can easily be applied in the comfort of your home.

Reduce Pain

Untreated pain can have life-altering consequences including the inability to work, strain on relationships, and depression. Water therapy treatments at home provide effective, natural ways to relieve pain that can be integrated into your current treatment plan for better results. 

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Back Pain

Back Pain

Find relief from back pain with intense massage modules using Aquapressure to exert warm pressure on specific points of the back to effectively ease discomfort.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Muscle Treatments

Muscle Recovery

Experience LifeSpa modules designed to relieve tension, reduce pain, increase mobility, and aide in faster healing of muscles throughout the body to ensure peak performance.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Whether you need to release tension from stress, rid yourself of the intense pain of a spasm, or heal from an injury, Dornbracht has designed water therapy treatments that can provide immediate relief.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Experience the confidence and relaxation of performing your daily cleansing rituals without exerting pressure on your knees with LifeSpa solutions that provide healing benefits while seated or reclining.

Improved health 

One of the most beneficial effects of water therapy on the body is an improvement in overall well-being through better circulation, more restful sleep, healthier skin, and a stronger immune system. Uncover a healthier you, and enjoy the experience in your own private spa at home.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Blood Circulation

Blood Circulation

Improved circulation using LifeSpa water therapy treatments helps spread nutrients and life-giving oxygen throughout the body while expelling harmful toxins and built up waste products.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Immune System

Immune System

Using hydrotherapy treatments to boost the immune system ensures that your body will fight off harmful bacteria and disease and continue to function at an optimal level.

Better mental health

The health of the mind has a direct impact on overall health. Hydrotherapy treatments are able to improve mental health through the reduction of stress, anxiety, insomnia  and other issues.

Dornbracht Experience Shower Spa Bathroom Inspiration

Stress Management

Relax, unwind, and enjoy a personal spa experience in the comfort of your own bathroom with LifeSpa products that melt away tension and relieve stress to revive your mind and body.

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Water therapy treatments are especially effective in relieving insomnia as they lower blood pressure, improve circulation, relax the mind, and prepare the body for deeper, more restful sleep.

More information on water therapy?

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Your bathroom becomes a wellness area

Dornbracht LifeSpa.

At Dornbracht, we have collected everything we know about the positive power of water—and used it to develop products that transform your bathroom into your personal spa, where you can benefit from water therapy treatments whenever you choose.

What unites all the product solutions beyond daily cleansing is the proven effect of the healing power of water. With Dornbract, you’ll get personalized water therapy treatments which combine harmonious water, light and fragrance elements for a truly enjoyable experience unlike any you’ve had before. These private spa solutions are an invitation to relax, unwind, heal, and linger just a moment longer in total bliss.

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