Dornbracht Spa Treatments Blood Circulation

Blood Circulation

Improve blood pressure in legs, arms and throughout the body.

In its purest form, hydrotherapy is the use of water at various temperatures to heal the body, relieve discomfort, and promote overall well-being. Dornbracht has teamed up with leading medical experts, scientists and wellness advisors to develop LifeSpa for achieving optimal overall health and relief of common problems such as poor blood circulation and high blood pressure using advanced hydrotherapy techniques from the privacy of your home.

Water therapy for better blood circulation

Poor circulation has been linked with lower than normal blood pressure which can result in clammy hands and feet, rapid or shallow breathing, digestive issues, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, and depression. Hydrotherapy using Dornbracht MASSAGE MODULES pushes nutrient-rich blood throughout the body and improves circulation while providing blissful relaxation from the privacy of your personal bathroom.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments

Contrast shower

Health benefit:
- Revitalises and boosts the immune system
- Balancing effect for high and low blood pressure

Time of day:
Ideal for rounding off the daily shower ritual – to get the day off to a flying start

Start the application with a warm sequence lasting about 1 minute. Then adjust the temperature of the water to cool to cold for about 10 seconds. Repeat the warm/cold order again and end with the cold sequence.

Sauna shower

Health Benefit:
- Cooling down after a sauna
- Gives the blood vessels a workout
- Stimulates the circulation and metabolism
- Stabilises the autonomic nervous system

Time of day:
Perfect for cooling down after every sauna session

Ideally, your cool-down after a sauna starts outdoors. Consciously breathe in and out a few times to cool your airways. Then set a specific cold stimulus with the cascade shower. The stream of water should not be too powerful and you should choose a cool to cold temperature. Start at the feet and direct the flow of water slowly upwards towards your heart. Then go to the arms, starting from the hands and moving towards the shoulders. After that, you can also give the rest of your body a cold shower. Make sure that you warm up your body again immediately afterwards, to stop you catching a chill. Once you are dry, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and feel free to enjoy a warm foot bath, for instance.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Shoulders
Dornbracht Spa Treatments Leg Affusion

Leg affusion

Health benefit:
- Firms the skin
- Lowers blood pressure
- Encourages sleep

Time of day:
For relaxation after a demanding day, 1– 2 hours before going to bed (about 45 seconds)

Start at the outside toe of your right foot and run the cold stream of water along the outside of your right leg as far as the groin. Stay there for a while and then move back down along the inside of the leg. Repeat the application on your left leg in the same way.

Arm affusion

Health Benefit:
- Invigorating
- Beneficial for low blood pressure

Time of day:
All day long (about 30 seconds)

Start applying the cold water on the outside of your right hand and move slowly up your arm towards the shoulder. Stay here for a while and then move back down, pouring along the inside of the arm. Repeat the application on your left arm in the same way.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Arms Affusion

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Dornbracht Experience Shower Brochure
Your bathroom becomes a wellness area

Dornbracht LifeSpa.

Dornbracht spa solutions allow you to experience water applications in the comfort of your home

Designed with the some of the world’s leading health and wellness experts, our spa solutions offer signature treatments, based on decades of research and development, at the touch of a button. Many of our spa solutions are built on Kneipp principles and provide massage techniques that effectively work to reduce hypertension, improve blood circulation and provide an overall feeling of relaxation, and well-being. The Dornbracht spa solutions meet your individual needs with harmonious water treatments, light and fragrance. Whether standing, seated or reclining, you will enjoy an experience unlike any you’ve had before. These private spa solutions are an invitation to relax, unwind, heal, and linger just a moment longer in total bliss.

Dornbracht Water Modules Kneipp Hose Spa Inspiration

Our spa products are based on the principles of three pillars: Kneipp, Aquapressure and Bliss. These principles ever present in our product solutions and water applications.

Dornbracht Spa Kneipp Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Ready to elevate your shower experience? Water modules transform the shower into a spa-like atmosphere that reinvigorates the body and mind. Combine various spray and flow modes for a completely customized space.

Dornbracht Water Modules Kneipp Hose Spa Inspiration

Your bathroom, your personal oasis. Design a shower that meets your personal health and wellness needs.

Dornbracht Spa Treatments Immune System

Immune System

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