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Luxury bathroom designs

Luxury is the freedom to create a space that is connected to one’s own senses and needs - a place for inner contemplation, regeneration, and revitalization. Dornbracht's individual solutions for exclusive master bathrooms redefine this personal space and offer inspiration for modern, one-of-a-kind bathroom design.

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Dornbracht Aquamoon ATT Bathroom Inspiration

Feel at home. How can high-end bathroom design meet our various health and wellness needs?

The bathroom is one of the most private places we can retreat to for self care and tending to our personal needs. It is in the bathroom we are able to cultivate daily rituals that give us well-being and confidence, rituals which help us find ourselves. Therefore, it is essential that this sanctuary is a reflection of one's unique needs and values – in every form and function.

Create balance: The mix of traditional and modern style elements results in a timeless and luxurious bathroom atmosphere. Its smooth, flowing design language ensures the VAIA fitting in Platinum matte blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

Tradition meets modernity: Achieve a progressive style bathroom by blending different styles together. The streamlined form of VAIA in DARK PLATINUM MATT complements the mix of smooth, finely crafted surfaces and rough, original materials.

Designer bathrooms: A screen system that functions as a flexible room divider serves as the basis for this modular bathroom, ideal for smaller spaces. The VAIA fitting in DARK BRASS MATT blends harmoniously with warm wood and pastel tones.

Welcoming atmosphere: Soft color accents and varying textures give off a harmonious and vibrant effect. The LISSÉ fitting in Platinum matte is assertively unique due to its geometric design language.

Confident and assertive: This modern bathroom design is captivating in its geometric and minimalist design. Highly sculptural in nature, the SUPERNOVA fitting perfectly complements the interior.

Icon of a new age: Bathrooms that skillfully unite industrial character with luxury. The CL.1 fitting combines technology with aspirational design that blends perfectly into interiors.

Industrial elegance: The progressive interior style captivates with extravagant color and contrasting materials.

Minimalism in its purest form, the META fitting is an impressive accent in bright yellow.

Tranquility, elegance, and sensory appeal: The META fitting embodies new minimalism with its latest color offerings that enable a variety of design styles.

When luxury meets clean lines: behold the SYMETRICS fitting. Clear and defined, the design offers creative flexibility.

Modern landscape architecture served as inspiration for the interior. The DEQUE fitting's sculptural accent provides a striking contrast to the softness of the water.

Elegant reduction: The DEQUE fitting blends seamlessly into the high-contrast designer bathroom with its warm wood tones and concrete. Its flat, basin-like shape draws the eyes to the water flow.

Truly one-of-its-kind, the HORIZONTAL SHOWER ATT offers relaxation at the highest level. Replenish your body and mind as you shower lying down.

In its purest form: The minimalist MEM fitting in chrome is the perfect intersection between design and user.

The bathroom as a personal oasis and escape from everyday life: In an open space with flowing lines and harmonious interiors, eye are drawn to the MEM fitting in Brushed Durabrass.

Fascinating lighting effects: A traditional interior conveys contrast with minimalist details. At the center, the Experience Shower SENSORY SKY ATT provides a multi-faceted play of colors, fragrances and spray modes.

Luxury bathrooms

Design a space perfectly tailored for your personal needs and transform the everyday bathroom experience with our individual shower solutions and high-end bathroom faucets.

Dornbracht Bathroom Inspiration
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Washbasin Steel 19

Discover our premium washbasin Steel 19*: It combines the best of both worlds into a symbiotic whole. Charming and contemporary forms and the contrasting composition of materials make the washstand a prime example of a new purism.

*only available in North, Central and South America

Alape Dornbracht Steel 19 Luxury Washbasin
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The perfect bathroom is one that aligns with the needs of its user-whether that's personal design preferences or functional requirements. Discover the breadth and variety within our design collections to achieve the bathroom that's perfectly you.

x-tra Service

It all starts with your idea. Our x-TRA SERVICE team can bring the vision you have for your bathroom to life. From custom made-to-order designs, to logos and enhancements, we work closely with you to achieve the highest level of personalization of our products.

Dornbracht xTra Service custom made
What motivates us?

Our belief that your personal wellness and sustainability starts in the bathroom. Our products are designed to enhance the routine bathroom experience that will ultimately enrich your day-to-day life.

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Dornbracht MEM chrome Bathroom Inspiration
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Water therapy as part of your personal wellness journey

Two bathroom architectures, “The Metropolitan” and “The Oasis”, interpret the bathroom as a living space each in their own way, and highlight the adaptability of CYO.

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