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Experience true luxury.

Wellness for the body and mind.

Experience Shower

A new dimension of multisensory shower experience: Complete wellness solutions with multiple outlet points turn your encounter with the element water into a special shower experience. Targeted water treatments with effective sprays touch body and soul.

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Dornbracht Spa Kneipp Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Together with experts in Kneipp therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and holistic wellness research, we develop custom solutions for our experience showers. 

Dornbracht Spa Kneipp Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Ready for an upgrade? Enhance your bathroom with health-promoting, relaxing or invigorating water treatments. Explore our custom design and product options to find your perfect solution.

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Transform your bathroom into a wellness spa

Dornbracht LifeSpa

Dornbracht Experience Shower Brochure LifeSpa

What motivates us?

We strive to enhance your daily rituals with true luxury by always thinking ahead. We offer products, solutions, and ideas that enrich your life – every day. For years to come. Guaranteed.

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Design that opens up new dimensions.

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Individuality that suits you. 

Dornbracht Michael Neumayr Designer

Our expertise, dedicated to the power of water. 

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We do our research for your health and well-being. 

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