Dornbracht Experience Shower Comfort Shower

Comfort Shower ATT.

The experience of a therapeutic shower sitting down. 

COMFORT SHOWER ATT combines intensive regeneration with a high level of comfort.

The innovative hydrotherapy shower combines the rain shower BIG RAIN and the stream outlet WATER FALL with Pearlstream: Like a natural waterfall, the water in this flow type falls gently on the shoulder and neck areas, covering the body in a comforting embrace.  

Dornbracht Experience Shower Comfort Shower
Dornbracht Experience Shower Comfort Shower

While sitting comfortably on a bench in the walk-in shower, touch a button and enjoy a therapeutic experience of water enabled by different flows, sprays and outlets. Shower treatments, peelings or leg shaving are particularly pleasant and comfortable with the COMFORT SHOWER ATT.

Dornbracht Experience Shower Comfort Shower

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Together with experts from the health and wellness sector, we have developed unique Signature Treatments – perfectly coordinated water choreographies that you can enjoy with the touch of a button.  Whether you are looking for relaxation in the evening or revitalization in the morning, our Signature Treatments offer a wellness experience to meet your needs. 

A water experience that adapts to your needs. 

Water becomes a source of spiritual strength. By slowly increasing the temperature in the back and neck areas during a simultaneous warm leg massage, this Signature Treatment brings the body and spirit into balance.


Wellness that energizes. The COMFORT SHOWER ATT Signature Treatment infuses new energy. All senses are stimulated by an alternating shower in the back and neck areas. The body is powered up. 


The water becomes a cleansing experience for body and mind. This Signature Treatment helps you relax with the help of warm neck and leg massages, resolving the stresses of everyday life to bring you energy and mental clarity.

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Dornbracht Experience Shower Comfort Shower
Experience COMFORT SHOWER ATT in a private and exclusive way. 

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