Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky


The smart rain shower.

The innovative eUNIT SHOWER ATT solution is the luxurious rain shower for your smart bathroom: 

Consisting of the BIG RAIN rain panel with hose shower set, it is controlled via SMART TOOLS digital controls. The smart shower technology can also be combined with the Dornbracht SMART WATER APP, adding more useful features that contribute to your health and wellbeing. 

Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky
Dornbracht Experience Shower CL1 Luxury Bath

The digital shower system eUNIT SHOWER ATT lets you experience the feeling of a natural rain shower in your own bathroom. The BIG RAIN rain panel has both a head shower and a body shower. While the head shower drops refreshing rain on the face, neck and hair, the body shower embraces the shoulders and upper body. 

Dornbracht Experience Shower CL1
Dornbracht Experience Shower CL1
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Together with experts from the health and wellness sector, we have developed unique Signature Treatments – perfectly coordinated water choreographies that you can enjoy with the touch of a button.  Whether you are looking for relaxation in the evening or revitalization in the morning, our Signature Treatments offer a wellness experience to meet your needs. 

The difference is in the water droplets

Finely adjusted nozzles let the water fall without any pressure. The soft and voluminous drops hit the skin as lightly as a feather – like a gentle rain.

RELAX – The relaxation shower: 

The three-minute Signature Treatment is ideal as a conclusion to an evening shower ritual. The water temperature and quantity gradually increase and lead to a pleasant warming-up of the body. It is also ideal for relieving tension after a workout and preventing muscle soreness. 

VITALIZE – The smart contrast shower: 

VITALIZE refreshes in just two minutes with a perfectly coordinated interplay of warm and cold sequences. Like a hot/cold shower, this Signature Treatment enables numerous positive effects for health and wellbeing. When used regularly, it helps to strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism. 

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Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky
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Dornbracht has developed a range of health-promoting water applications based on various functional principles. Discover the positive power of water.

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