Dornbracht Experience Comfort Shower Luxury Bath

Leg Shower ATT.

The invigorating contrast shower for your legs.

With LEG SHOWER ATT, Dornbracht presents an automated contrast shower that actively contributes to improved blood circulation in the legs. 

Among other health benefits, the targeted temperature stimuli can revitalize your body after physical exercise and give your immune system a boost. 

Dornbracht Experience Comfort Shower Luxury Bath
Dornbracht Experience Comfort Shower Luxury Bath

The leg shower has four WATER BARS, which are installed in the shower at lower leg height. The system is controlled using the convenient Dornbracht Smart Tools. Manage the temperature and water quantity of the LEG SHOWER ATT with precision, and activate convenient presettings as well. 

Dornbracht Experience Comfort Shower Luxury Bath

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Together with experts from the health and wellness sector, we have developed unique Signature Treatments – perfectly coordinated water choreographies that you can enjoy with the touch of a button.  Whether you are looking for relaxation in the evening or revitalization in the morning, our Signature Treatments offer a wellness experience to meet your needs. 

A positive effect for your wellbeing

Special cold and contrast showers for the legs strengthen the immune system and actively contribute to muscle regeneration – much like a sauna. The interplay of temperature and water also promotes personal fitness, and has a positive effect on physical wellbeing.


Refreshes the body with cool water in just 30 seconds. This Signature Treatment invigorates tired, sluggish legs, and can relieve vein problems. Used regularly, REFRESH helps strengthen the body’s defenses and the immune system.


This hot/cold shower lasts two minutes and thirty seconds. The Signature Treatment invigorates, lowers blood pressure, and harmonizes body, mind and soul. Used regularly, VITALIZE helps to strengthen the body’s defenses and immune system, stimulate metabolism, and prevent vein disorders. 

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Dornbracht Experience Comfort Shower Luxury Bath
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Dornbracht has developed a range of health-promoting water applications based on various functional principles. Discover the positive power of water.

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