Dornbracht Vertical Shower Massage Modules Spa Inspiration

Water Modules.

Individual water applications.

Experience the health-promoting, relaxing or invigorating effect of water applications in your own bathroom, whenever you want.

Individually coordinated shower and wellness modules make it easy and safe to enjoy treatments such as water massages, Kneipp affusions or hot/cold showers in the comfort of your home. Dornbracht offers a wide range of design fittings for wellness showers as well as special accessories that can be combined and arranged to meet your specific needs.

Dornbracht Water Modules Water Fall Chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Waterfall showers

Dornbracht Water Modules Affusion Pipe Chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Affusion pipe and Kneipp hose

Dornbracht Water Massage Modules Chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Massage jets

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Dornbracht Water Modules Kneipp Hose Spa Inspiration

Dornbracht has developed a series of health-promoting water applications on the basis of different functional principles. Discover the positive power of water. 

dornbracht experience shower spa
Transform your bathroom into a wellness spa

Dornbracht LifeSpa

Dornbracht Experience Shower Brochure LifeSpa

Treatment recommendations

Upgrading your bathroom to a private spa is easy with Dornbracht WATER MODULES. They can be flexibly integrated into any shower solution to augment your daily spa and shower ritual: to promote individual well-being, energy levels and health. We recommend targeted water applications (treatments) for each WATER MODULE that can be integrated into your daily routine as needed.

Dornbracht Contrast Shower

Contrast Shower

Health benefits:Vitalizes and strengthens the immune systemTime of day:Ideal as the conclusion to your daily shower ritual – for a fresh start to the day

Cold Shower

Health benefits: Instant refreshment for body and soul Enhanced regeneration after exercising Time of day: Ideal as the conclusion to your daily shower ritual, especially in summer

Dornbracht Cold Shower
Dornbracht Relaxation Shower

Relaxation Shower

Health benefits: Deep relaxation for body, spirit and mind Beneficial break from everyday life Time of day: Ideal for beginning your daily shower ritual – in the morning or evening

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Water Modules

Dornbracht Rain Showers Kneipp Modules 27838979
Kneipp Modules

Dornbracht Rain Showers Massage Modules 36513979
Massage Modules

Dornbracht Rain Showers Water Fall Modules 13415979
Water Fall Modules

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