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Minimalist, universal, timeless

Finishes enhance the effect of architecture significantly. They give rooms a distinctive character and an individual touch. There are numerous types of arrangements: sometimes elegantly tone-on-tone, sometimes as a deliberate contrast. The Architectural Collection has a clear direction nonetheless. It deliberately rejects transient style and instead offers timeless finishes in matte black and matte white. Two finely nuanced, matte gray tones round off the collection.

A decidedly minimalist bathroom architecture. Fittings with a black matte finish reflect the timeless concept of the collection and retain a distinct look at the same time. A room that expresses personality. A bathroom with an individual touch.

TARA fittings in the finish matte black are a sculptural statement. All the more so when they are combined with white marble as seen here. A configuration that gives the room a special stylish flair.

Inspired by Bauhaus: A bathroom architecture with unmistakably classical style elements. The elegant white marble and the contrasting matte black fittings are the core of the design. A room with charisma.

TARA as a single-hole or three-hole mixer with lever handles. This design icon is defined not only by its shape, but also by its velvety matte black finish. A striking, avant-garde statement that gives the bathroom its character.

Unconditionally modern, yet timeless: TARA as a wall-mounted basin mixer and shower pipe with handheld shower head. A perfect union of form, function and performance. The matte black finish adds a further design dimension.

Tone-on-tone: Combined with a variety of structures and materials, TARA in white accentuates the subtle elegance of monochrome finishes. The result is a bathroom that reinterprets classic design in an exciting new way. Radiant, aesthetic, contemporary.

TARA completely in white accentuates the purity of its design. An architectural touch that makes a bathroom like this unmistakable.

A room that focuses on the essentials while radiating warmth and harmony. The matte black of the META fittings is subtly contrasted with the warm shades of gray and beige, while the use of terrazzo adds vibrancy to the overall minimalist ambiance.

The matte black of the META fittings is of timeless, simple elegance, and finds its contrast in the glossy fronts. This creates surprising effects and contrasts in the bathroom.

Concrete, glass, and wooden elements create a bathroom with a radically modern look. The black matte finish of META SLIM accentuates the serene and pure overall ambiance.

META SLIM in finely nuanced light gray. A fitting that brings balance to any interior and guarantees stylish combinations.

TARA and META offer product solutions with finishes from the Architectural Collection. Discover the numerous possibilities.


TARA Single-hole basin mixer in Matte White


TARA Single-hole basin mixer in Matte Black

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes Meta Dark Grey

META Single-lever basin mixer in Dark Gray

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes Meta Matte Black

META Single-lever basin mixer in Matte Black

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes Meta Light Grey

META Single-lever basin mixer in Light Gray

Perfection in all dimensions

Dornbracht finishes are characterized by flawless perfection, impressive color depth, and durability. These qualities are the result of a highly precise and complex finishing process.

Finishes as an independent dimension of design: Our carefully selected finishes guarantee unmatched quality and design flexibility.
Dornbracht Finishes Chrome
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Finishes Dark Platinum Matte
Dark Platinum Matte

Dornbracht Finishes Platinum

Dornbracht Finishes Platinum Matte
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Finishes Durabrass

Dornbracht Finishes Brushed Durbrass
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes Fashion Collection
Fashion Collection

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