Inspiring Brass

A touch of luxury

A material with extraordinary appeal: Brass fascinates with a warm hue of gold that elevates any interior. Refined with 23-carat gold, the finish celebrates the authentic radiance of this precious metal. Whether a matte finish with an intensive glow or a high gloss for maximum radiance, brass delivers refined opulence and elegance to any room regardless of the color scheme and interior style of the space.

A perfect match: The nostalgic MADISON series in brass. Its characteristic faceted spout accentuates the sheen of the finish.

MEM embodies the concept of natural beauty. The warm gold hue of “Brushed Durabrass” highlights MEM’s harmonious and timeless design.

The inner glow: The iconic TARA in Brushed Durabrass shines from the inside out. Its charismatic design exudes radiance.

Metallic trend in the kitchen: The iconic TARA in Brushed Durabrass brings individuality and personality to the kitchen space. It is luxuriously stylish and classic at the same time. 

dornbracht brass individual manufactoring
Perfection in all dimensions

Dornbracht finishes are characterized by flawless perfection, impressive color depth, and durability. These qualities are the result of a highly precise and complex finishing process.  

Express your personal style. Design icons for bathroom and kitchen.
Dornbracht Bathroom Design Collection Tara

Dornbracht Bathroom Design Collection VAIA

Dornbracht Bathroom Design Collection Madison

Dornbracht Bathroom Design Collection Lot

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Finishes as an independent dimension of design: Our carefully selected finishes guarantee unmatched quality and design flexibility.
Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes Fashion Collection
Fashion Collection

Dornbracht Finishes Architecture Collection
Architectural Collection

Dornbracht Finishes Dark Platinum Matte
Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Finishes Chrome

Dornbracht Finishes Platinum

Dornbracht Finishes Platinum Matte
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Finishes Durabrass

Dornbracht Finishes Brushed Durbrass
Brushed Durabrass

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