Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen Platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration

eUnit Kitchen

Convenience at the touch of a button.

eUNIT KITCHEN – Dornbracht SMART TOOLS provide more comfort and convenience in the kitchen.

Simplify everyday activities with intiutive technology, such as setting the water volume and temperature with precision.

Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen chrome Kitchen Inspiration

The minimalist design of the eUNIT KITCHEN fits seamlessly into modern kitchens.

The series is available in TARA ULTRA, LOT and ELIO.

Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen Platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration

Display control

The convenience factor: Whether you need three liters of hot water for cooking pasta or a bowl of cold water to blanch vegetables, the integrated digital SMART TOOLS can be used to set the exact quantity and temperature of water desired. The eUNIT KITCHEN eliminates the need for measuring cups and thermometers when using water.

Hands free option

Have your hands full? The eUNIT KITCHEN can be conveniently operated using your feet. Simply activate the foot sensor to dispense water at the optimum temperature--perfect for washing hands after kneading dough or handling meat.

Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen Kitchen Inspiration
Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration
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Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration
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